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  1. Flower power! It looks pretty cute and jolly - a nice image for a car in the streets of Paris. The art seems pretty well done, and it looks like it won't get damaged easily.

    -Maria Wegner

  2. A vintage car restored and brought to life as a flowery car. Haha. Red is a pretty nice color. For cars, it somehow conveys power, but those flower prints made it look so cute! It would look more appealing, though, if the interiors are also decorated with red; the chair covers, for instance.

    Dewey Setlak

  3. “Far out!” as they say it in the 70s. The vintage car definitely looks unique with the flower paint job on it. It looks like it just came out of a 70s show. I’m thinking the person who owns this car got stuck in the cool, fun era of the 70s, but in a good way. And he’s pretty good at keeping the car in good shape, considering the age of the car!

    @Sebastian Gaydos